Our Staff

Daynia Collins


Mrs. Collins is well into her second year as Trinity's Kindergarten Teacher. In January 2020. Mrs. Collins was named Principal of Trinity Academy bringing more than twenty years of leadership experience as an educator and school director.

Linda Furia


Deacon Linda Furia serves Trinity as our Director of Worship. Miss Linda has a long history of music ministry serving in the role of Director of Music and Deacon in several congregations in our Synod.

Dione Redd



Ms. Redd is Trinity's Administrator. Before joining Trinity Ms. Redd served other organizations as a program director for the Montgomery Avenue Women's Center .Ms. Redd also spent 4 years as a Elementary  school Administrator.

Deborah Dunn



Ms. Dunn  is Trinity Academy Assistant Teacher. Her belief is that learning is best done through play, and that children should be encouraged and cultivated to develop a lifelong love of learning.