About Us


Our Mission

At Trinity, our mission is to be a place of healing, love and education. We work to welcome people from all walks of life as we work to know Christ, show Christ, and grow in Christ.  As a church, Sunday worship is the central part of our Christian life. It is here that we hear stories of God's immense and all encompassing love, love that excludes no one. And in that same Sunday setting we gather at Christ's table and are fed the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Through these shared experiences we gather as community. We try as hard as we can to show the love in the world that God has shown us. Finally, we grow in Christ through study and prayer. We walk with God daily, deepening our faith.  


Worship Feeds

We worship on Sundays as an integral part of our call as Christians to live out lives of service to others. 


Serving Others

Trinity continues to work hard, even after more than 175 years to serve the community around us. By hosting outreach groups as well as maintaining our history of providing excellent Christian education. 

Support the Mission

Your support and contributions will enable us to continue our mission of welcoming our surrounding community! Please consider a gift to help us forward our goals of being a welcoming place for all God's children.

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